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The Bad Skydiver

The Bad Skydiver cocktail was named before the recipe was even created.

Owner of The Pearl Bar & Grill Blake Collins is a long-time, licensed lover of skydiving. He says, “nothing is better than jumping out of a plane at 13,000 AGL, rolling onto your back, giving a hang loose to your buddies and the plane as it continues toward the horizon, and enjoying the remaining exhilaration of the freefall. It’s hard to properly convey the feeling to someone that hasn’t jumped out of a plane themselves.” 


In the summer 2017, Collins and some friends, including his best friend, Fuller, the namesake of the Fuller Martini on the signature menu, had a skydiving “boogie” planned in Utah. To warm up, they planned to do several warm-up jumps over Denver, CO. as it had a higher elevation, favorable atmosphere,

and phenomenal views.


The first warm up jump that day was what is known as a "Horny Gorilla." Blake and friends jumped out of the plane, each person's legs hooked around the other’s—flipped together a few times—leveled out (legs still intertwined) and they all leaned back to pound their chests and let out invigorating gorilla-mimicking howls. Then, for Collins, blackness. This jump was the last thing he remembers. Two weeks later, he woke up in the hospital. 


The first jump had been successful and exhilarating, but what led to Collins infamous landing and nickname was the second jump—a 7-way Speedstar. 

With every jump, at 600 feet, a skydiver is to take his last turn. At 300 feet, a diver decides where to land and during the Speedstar jump, Collins made that decision too late.  At mere 150 feet, Collins made his move which resulted in spiking the ground at 50 miles per hour.

Multiple, serious bone breaks and fractures, lacerations, brain trauma, and a two-week coma. After time and physical therapy, Collins, forever changed, came back from the experience with a new outlook—life is too short not to be enjoyed, or not to follow one's dreams. 

Taking another leap of faith, Blake Collins, now dubbed the "Bad Skydiver," opened The Pearl Bar & Grill, with intention of providing Ellensburg, Washington with a  craft cocktail and gourmet, scratch menu that you'll want to tell your friends about.

Upon creating this special menu, Collins knew he needed to feature a spicy, outstanding drink that embodied his metamorphic experience—


The Bad Skydiver

Old Forester bourbon

Bigalette China China- orange spice liqueur

house made cinnamon bitters

fresh squeeze lemon & orange juice

If you’re gonna name something The Bad Skydiver, you need something that hits you a little bit.

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